The hotel

The Høvringen Høgfjellshotell was built by the family Skjelle and was improved during four generations. This is a warranty for quality and long term thinking.

The hotel

Skjelleseter, one of the 30 mountain huts in Høvringen was developed over four generations to the today's Høvringen Høgfjellshotell. The development was done via innumerable extensions, a building process, which presupposes special technical and architectural understanding. We think today that the hotel represents a probably successful example of good interaction during a hundred-year construction period. The building has thereby an unusual characteristic. During the last 30 years two of the best architects of Norway, Kjell Lund and Nils Slaatto were our faithful councellors.

Skjelleseter is used at different times with special exhibitions ranging from paintings to Web and local craft.

Our hotel offers all-inclusive, with daily breakfast, warm and cold lunch and a dinner, consisting of 3 courses. It is in our honour to serve traditionally and wellprepared meals with our personal "touch".

The long term thinking, which also reflects the buildings, is also used during the day-to-day operation. We offer a comfortable and a "simple way of life", which is important for the human interaction. We believe in personal peace and feeling contact with the nature.

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